Docks: Lerici

Line 01 - Golfo della Spezia / Line 02 - Cinque Terre


This value, expressed by a minimum of to a maximum of
indicates exposure to atmospheric events that can make it necessary to close the landing wharf.

The landing place

You are welcomed to the gulf of Lerici by the characteristic small port where numerous boats are moored, especially sailing boats. It is a safe harbor, guarded well by a breakwater that protects sailors; to reach the landing wharf it is necessary to walk along a passageway marked off by chains; if the wind is strong, this can be difficult. On the right, there is a rocky promontory and a castle which resembles a gigantic stone ship. The two docks that can be reached are easily accessible and allow you to immediately reach the center of the town, its characteristic hamlet, as well as the carruggi (narrow alleyways typical of Liguria) and mule tracks that lead up to the fortress.

Interesting facts

Lerici, throughout the centuries, has been visited by quite a number of writers, in some cases even chosen as their home. Descriptions of these places have been made by personalities such as Francesco Petrarca, Mary Shelley and her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley (their home, in San Terenzo, can still be visited today), Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, and Lord Byron.
Every year, the hamlet of Lerici is one of the 13 hamlets that take part in the traditional "rowing challenge", the Palio of the Gulf.


Reaching Lerici from La Spezia, Porto Venere, San Terenzo and Tellaro is quick and pleasant. You can enjoy the sea breezes, the sun, and the panorama. It is ideal for tourists and local inhabitants from La Spezia who want to spend a day on the beach or just take a trip, without the stress of having to find a place to park or having to pay for parking in those spaces marked by blue lines. No intermediate stops and for residents, the cost is comparable to that of the bus.
From the Cinque Terre and the hamlets of the Costa dei Pirati (Cadimare, Fezzano, and Le Grazie) Lerici can be easily reached with a single stopover in Porto Venere.

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Presence of architectural barriers: No
Accessible to bicycles: Yes
Boarding accessible to people with motor disabilities

Additional information on embarking and disembarking: Side boarding with reduced slope
The gangway the boat is equipped with allows disabled people in wheelchairs to access the boat, with a companion. Gangway width: 65cm or wider

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