Docks: Levanto

Line 02 - Cinque Terre


This value, expressed by a minimum of to a maximum of
indicates exposure to atmospheric events that can make it necessary to close the landing wharf.

The landing place

It can be reached only a few minutes after the boat has left Monterosso and gone by the Mesco promontory. The landing in Levanto is in a convenient place as it is located near Villa La Pietra, on a rocky outcrop. It may be somewhat difficult to disembark if the conditions of the sea are adverse, for example, if there are strong winds.

Since the end of the 21st century, Levanto has been known as a tourist resort and holiday destination; its architectural heritage includes liberty and rationalism, as well as historic buildings of medieval origin. A town where several souls coexist and intertwine - modern structures, palaces and villas built between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century as well as a historic center with alleyways and stone walls where it is possible to taste focaccia, anchovies, and sip a glass of vermentino (a kind of wine).

Interesting facts

The village of Levanto is well known among surf enthusiasts because it is considered a big-wave spot and for this reason, it has hosted various sporting events devoted to those who love to ride the waves.
The wide Levanto gulf favors the development of high waves of a constant strength mostly in the company of southwesterly and northwesterly winds and, sometimes, also of a southeasterly wind.


From Levanto, it is possible to take the "MareMonti cycle path" which leads to Bonassola and Framura. Those who use our boat service can take their bicycles with them to Levanto and, from here, start out on their cycling excursion.
From Levanto, it is possible to take the picturesque Green-Blue path which leads to Monterosso - in the Cinque Terre. On the way, you go by Podere Case Lovara, owned by the FAI’s "project for the recovery of a centuries-old agricultural world and for sustainable development of local resources". For trekking enthusiasts, equipped with suitable footwear and clothing, taking this path up to Monterosso allows them to cross the Mesco promontory and, once they reach their destination, return to La Spezia on one of our boats or on the train. With our carriers, it is possible to reach Porto Venere, a place that does not have any railway service, enjoying the view of the coast from the sea.

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Presence of architectural barriers: No
Accessible to bicycles: Yes
Boarding accessible to people with motor disabilities

Additional information on embarking and disembarking: Front boarding with steep slope
The gangway the boat is equipped with allows disabled people in wheelchairs to access the boat, with a companion. Gangway width: 65cm or wider

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