The transportation of passengers on the motor vessels
of the Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti

Travel Regulations

The transportation of passengers on the motor vessels of the Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti and the Consorzio Marittimo Turistico 5 Terre – Golfo dei Poeti is governed by the following provisions.

The passenger must board with a regular ticket (or season ticket/card), which will be checked by the onboard staff or the Company staff before each boarding. The onboard staff can check the regular possession of the ticket even after boarding and at any time during the journey, up to when the passenger leaves the disembarkation area. According to art. 399 of the Navigation Code, anyone who embarks without a ticket (or season ticket) must immediately notify the onboard staff, who will arrange for the release of a ticket upon payment of the travel price. In the absence of this notification, the passenger without a ticket is required to pay double the price of the trip to the port to which he/she is headed. In the event of repeated violation of this provision, both on the same day and on the occasion of several trips, the passenger without a ticket will have to pay a penalty corresponding to five times the price of the ticket and, at the discretion of the onboard staff/the Company of Navigation, the passenger may be prevented from using the navigation service and from boarding the motor vessels of the Consortium/Company. The ticket, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, is valid only on the day of issue and from the moment of validation. The ticket for a single route must be kept for the entire duration of the trip and the daily ticket must be kept for the whole day, until leaving the port area, as it has the value of a fiscal document. The regular possession of the daily ticket may be checked by the crew several times during the day. Due to the morphological characteristics of some places, access for people with reduced mobility is not recommended. In any case, it is advisable to check in advance, by sending an email to, by telephone, or by going to our ticket offices, for accessibility depending on the destination.

General rules of behavior
From the moment of boarding to the moment of disembarkation, the passenger is subject to the instructions given by the Commander of the Motor vessel. Passengers must comply with all the instructions given by the onboard staff and the Company's staff, for the entire time they are on board the motor vessel, in the areas devoted to boarding and disembarking, and near the ticket offices. Passengers must not hinder the personnel during docking maneuvers by standing in the areas designated for this purpose. The passenger is required to maintain a civilized and respectful behavior, avoiding any offensive or harmful behavior towards other passengers and navigation staff. The passenger is required to comply with the rules of safety and public hygiene. In particular, by way of example and not limited to these, he/she must not dirty the seats and furnishings or throw objects of any kind on the floor or in the sea (see the Company's Environmental Policy) or outside the special containers designed for waste collection and must use the toilets without causing clogging or soiling. Furthermore, the passenger must not occupy more than one seat per single person and must not occupy spaces adjacent to the safety devices. In any case, the purchase of the ticket does not constitute an automatic right with regard to the availability of seats, as the seating capacity of the ship, in terms of the maximum number of people to be transported, is determined according to the specific regulations in force. The Company reserves the broadest right to request payment from the passenger for any material damage caused on board the motor vessel or to the Company's facilities in the areas devoted to boarding, disembarking, and ticketing services. Any non-compliance will, if necessary, besides an eventual reprimand by the personnel responsible for onboard controls, result in the intervention of the Police that may be called for the relevant actions. In the event of repeated misconduct, which generates problems relating to the safety of the navigation, the ship, and the regular performance of the service, the Onboard Command may, as soon as possible, proceed to disembark the passengers who are the cause of these problems, provided that this behavior does not involve further reports to the Judicial Authority.

Indications for passengers on board

  • Children are under the direct responsibility of parents or carers, who must directly take care of their monitoring, boarding and disembarkation, including the transfer of strollers and/or other transportation devices. Strollers and/or other transportation devices for children must be closed during boarding and disembarking operations. On the boarding and disembarking walkways, it is forbidden to use or leave strollers and/or other transportation devices for children open or with the minor inside of them.
  • Dogs accompanying passengers can board only on a leash and with a muzzle.
  • Any accidental event, damage, or injury affecting passengers must be immediately reported to the crew for the necessary notes and declarations to be submitted to the competent Authorities, according to the provisions of Article 182 of the Navigation Code. The company declines all responsibility for events that occurred on board and not specifically and expressly notified to the crew before disembarking and therefore complaints received after disembarkation will not be taken into consideration.
  • Passengers are required to comply with and observe all the precautionary measures established in the specific regulations adopted by the shipping company, indicated by specific signs both at the ticket offices and on board the motor vessel.
  • Smoking on board is prohibited. The onboard personnel are legitimately in charge of supervising compliance with this prohibition and reporting any non-compliance to the competent Authorities in accordance with the Law of January 16th, 2003 and the relative implementation agreement of December 16th, 2004. Any non-compliance will result, if necessary, in addition to any rebuke by the staff in charge of on-board controls, in the intervention of the Police that may be called for the relevant actions.
  • The boats depart at set times, therefore, in the event of a passenger arriving after departure, the passenger is not entitled to a refund of the ticket.
  • In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of these Regulations, the onboard personnel, after consultation with the Commander of the Motor vessel, are authorized to take all measures deemed necessary to ensure the safety of the other passengers.

Impossibility to approach the coast
In case it is impossible to disembark in one of the scheduled ports due to force majeure, the passenger can disembark at one of the following stops, without an increase in the ticket price and without the right to any compensation or refund.

Trip cancellation
In case of cancellation of the trip before departure due to force majeure, the passenger has the right to a full refund of the ticket price (purchased at the ticket office, for tickets purchased electronically, see the rules accepted at the time of purchasing the ticket online), without the right to any other form of compensation. In case of interruption of the trip due to force majeure, the payment of the reimbursement of the travel price is due in proportion to the distance travelled. The refund will not be more than half the cost of the ticket. To receive a refund, it is necessary to go to the point of sale where the ticket was purchased no later than three days after purchase (for tickets purchased online, follow the procedure indicated on the website).


  • No compensation indemnity will be paid by the Company in the event of delays with respect to the scheduled departure or arrival times.
  • The crossing times are indicative and calculated on the basis of the distance between the ports and in favorable weather and sea conditions.

Any complaints can be addressed by registered mail with return receipt to the Consorzio Marittimo Turistico 5 Terre Golfo dei Poeti Via Minzoni #13 19121 La Spezia, or by certified email to this address:

By purchasing the ticket and boarding, the passenger declares and undertakes to accept and comply with the provisions of these Regulations which are therefore understood to be known and shared in their content.

La Spezia, March 1st, 2021
The Management