Docks: Porto Venere

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Porto Venere

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The landing place

In Porto Venere, it is possible to board and disembark at several points, all in the immediate vicinity of the ticket office.
It is a strategic place, a crossroads among the various lines that reach the towns of the Gulf and Palmaria, the Cinque Terre, Levanto, Deiva Marina, and Moneglia. Carriers from Versilia (Marina di Carrara, Marina di Massa and Viareggio), in the direction of Cinque Terre also meet here.
Furthermore, Porto Venere is a splendid hamlet equipped with the main services and guarantees those waiting for a connection here the possibility of having a cup of coffee, an ice cream, an aperitif as well as the possibility of visiting a picturesque place, one that is unique in the world.

Interesting facts

In 1997, Porto Venere, together with Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto, and Cinque Terre, became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is a bathing location for many residents of La Spezia and tourists visiting the locality; the clear waters of the canal that separates it from Palmaria are, at certain times of the year, the protagonists of the famous "natural swimming pool" - when navigation in this stretch of sea is suspended and people can swim from one side to the other and enjoy an experience that is similar to soaring through the air.

Among the places to visit, there is the ancient church of Chiesa di San Pietro, the "Christian temple" to which the Italian poet Eugenio Montale dedicated his verses. The religious building sits atop a rocky hill that defies the open sea. From the terrace at the top, it provides a breathtaking view and a salty sea breeze.

Between the ancient place of worship and the imposing castle, is Byron’s Grotto, an inlet in the rock of about twenty meters, which was a source of inspiration for the famous English poet.

Thanks to its position exposed to the whims of the sea, in the past Porto Venere was full of windmills; near Doria Castle, two structures are still visible which, at first glance, might appear to be towers. Actually, their purpose was not defensive in nature, far from it. Here the power of the wind was captured in order to move the wheels used to crush or grind chestnuts to produce chestnut flour or oil.

Every year the hamlet of Porto Venere participates in the traditional "rowing challenge", the Palio of the Gulf which 13 villages take part in.


Porto Venere is an important navigation crossroads for our Consortium. “All routes pass through Porto Venere,” our collaborators say.
From the Cinque Terre, it is possible to easily reach Porto Venere, a town that does not have any railway service, and to enjoy the sun and the fresh sea breezes.
In addition to the logistical advantages, Porto Venere is a destination for hiking enthusiasts; from here it is possible to set out on a trail that is as arduous as it is picturesque and that leads to the Cinque Terre and gives the possibility of enjoying a unique landscape, which includes Mediterranean scrub, pinnacles and sheer stone walls dropping to the sea.

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