Docks: Marina di Massa

Line 03 - Viareggio e Riviera Apuana

Marina di Massa

This value, expressed by a minimum of to a maximum of
indicates exposure to atmospheric events that can make it necessary to close the landing wharf.

The landing place

The Pontile Caricatore (Loader Dock) is the place that welcomes our boats. The white landing wharf is one of the symbols of Marina, the place where every stroll somehow ends up. From there it is possible to enjoy a fascinating view, of Liguria and Tuscany. The view extends from Viareggio to Porto Venere. The gangway that gives access to the landing wharf reaches a platform located at a lower level than the main body of the structure; this makes going down it very difficult in heavy sea conditions and in the presence of strong winds; in consideration of its shape and the place where the dock is located, mooring is difficult, if not impossible, in such weather and sea conditions.

Interesting facts

The sandy coast of the Apuan Riviera overlooks the open sea, a coast that receives storm surges capable of giving breathtaking waves suitable for surfing and soft sea foam. That is when navigation is interrupted, when it is not possible for us to dock, when the Pontile Caricatore (Loader Dock) is populated by fishing enthusiasts who lower their nets, called "scales", or make their baits dance in the water at the ends their fishing rods.


Reaching the Cinque Terre from Marina di Massa takes as much time as it does going by car. You can enjoy the sea breeze, the sun and a privileged perspective. In fact, from the sea, it is possible to see the profiles of the Apuan Alps, to wonder at the coast as a whole, and therefore the Gulf of Poets and Porto Venere. For tourists who wish to spend a day at the beach, or take a trip to these parts, we offer a valid alternative to the common railway journey.

What to reach

Marina di Massa is one of the most famous places for seaside tourism on the whole Apuan coast. Along the coast, there are tourist facilities for all tastes and needs. During the summer, with the opening of the beach resorts, it reaches its maximum splendor; there are numerous pubs, discos, and campsites.
Marina di Massa has some valuable Art Nouveau architectural pieces: there are numerous remarkable buildings and villas, among these, Villa Doria, Villa Franca, and Hotel Italia should be mentioned.
The hamlet of Marina is less than 5 km from the center of Massa.
For those who love walking, cycling or roller-skating, there is the possibility of using the very long cycle-pedestrian lanes that run alongside the pine forest.

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Presence of architectural barriers: Yes
Accessible to bicycles: No
Boarding not accessible to people with motor disabilities

Additional information on embarking and disembarking: Front boarding with steep slope
The gangway the boat is equipped with allows disabled people in wheelchairs to access the boat with a companion. Gangway width: 65cm or wider

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