Docks: Terrizzo (Isola Palmaria)

Line 01 - Golfo della Spezia


This value, expressed by a minimum of to a maximum of
indicates exposure to atmospheric events that can make it necessary to close the landing wharf.

The landing place

The most sheltered landing place on the island that allows access to the hamlet of the same name, where only the swirling of a strong offshore wind conveyed along the channel can make it difficult to get on and off the boats. A scattered group of houses where it is possible to have lunch or just a cup of coffee. It is ideal for those who want to reach the coast of the island that overlooks Porto Venere, between Punta Secca and Punta Carlo Alberto or the beach resorts (belonging to the Navy) or as a starting point for an excursion by following the "tour of the island" trail, a trail with challenging stretches amidst garrigues, Mediterranean scrub and holm oak woods. Or, by following a paved road protected by the shade of numerous trees, you can reach the summit dominated by the ruins of Fort Cavour.

Interesting facts

In the past, the Island of Palmaria was cultivated from the coastline up to its summit. There were vineyards, olive trees, vegetable gardens and orchards – an exquisite example of a terraced landscape. Its territory has been altered over the centuries by the quarries of the famous Portoro - a black marble which, due to its great value, was used for a very long time in sacred art – a quarrying activity that has, however, coexisted on the island with the other activities that have developed there over the centuries.
Beginning in the 19th century, the development of fortifications, bunkers, and shooting positions further modified the landscape, which is now rich in fragments of a similar architecture.
During the twentieth century this extraordinary island, full of inlets and caves, such as the Grotta dei Colombi (discovered in 1869), and full of paleontological finds, was gradually abandoned and became quite a wilderness - the trees and the Mediterranean scrub replaced the deforestation due to the role that the fortress island played during the Second World War, and nowadays goats and other wild animals populate the scrublands and approach the tourists in the hope that they will pick some fig leaves for them.
The name Palmaria could derive from “balma”, that is cave, refuge.


Those who want to spend a day at the beach or tackle a circular hiking trail, the one that surrounds the entire island and is famous for its spectacular nature show; again - those who want to enjoy some picturesque scenery, that of Porto Venere, without giving up swimming and sunbathing on a rather accessible and unequipped coast, free of charge, will certainly choose to disembark at Terrizzo. An unforgettable adventure, within everyone's reach, to a discovery of the island and the Mediterranean scrub.

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Presence of architectural barriers: Yes
Accessible to bicycles: Yes
Boarding accessible to people with motor disabilities

Additional information on embarking and disembarking: Side boarding with reduced slope
Front boarding with steep slope
The gangway the boat is equipped with allows disabled people in wheelchairs to access the boat, with a companion. Gangway width: 65cm or wider

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