Docks: Pozzale (Isola Palmaria)

Line 01 - Golfo della Spezia


This value, expressed by a minimum of to a maximum of
indicates exposure to atmospheric events that can make it necessary to close the landing wharf.

The landing place

One of the most picturesque landing places is that of Pozzale, located on the Island of Palmaria. A landing wharf exposed to the open sea, getting on and off the boats can be difficult under particular wind and sea conditions. It is near the end of Mariella and opposite the umbrella pines which hide the Air Force campsite. From here you have access to the wildest area on the island which culminates in the impressive scenery of the Portoro quarries that have been abandoned for about forty years; at that point, the excavation activity broke through a crest of rock from one side to the other, creating a picturesque stone arch that dominates the landscape.

Interesting facts

Here, as on the island of Tino, Portoro was extracted - a highly-prized marble already known to the Romans and Etruscans. This material was used in some of the most significant places of worship of the Baroque era, from an architectural point of view; in Rome, as in Liguria.

From Pozzale it is possible to reach the other side of the island via a circular path and for the return trip, board the motorboat that docks at Terrizzo.


Pozzale is considered by many inhabitants of La Spezia as the place par excellence to spend hot summer days; the beach is not equipped and the wildness of the coast makes it so that, at a short distance from the sea, Aleppo pines and maritime pines and shrubs have grown, twisted by the storms; here in the shade of these trees, it is possible to spend hours of peace lulled by the chirping of cicadas and by the song of seagulls, immersed in salty and resinous air.
At Pozzale it is possible to spend your time in a charming café-restaurant that offers some traditional dishes of La Spezia. Located in a picturesque red wooden house, this building is one of the last examples in the province of architecture that tells of a past of pelagic rurality.
These are places known for underwater fishing, diving and because, from here, it is possible to set off on the difficult trail - only for very expert hikers - which leads to the Grotta dei Colombi, (discovered in 1869) and rich in paleontological finds.

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Presence of architectural barriers: Yes
Accessible to bicycles: No
Boarding not accessible to people with motor disabilities

Additional information on embarking and disembarking: Side boarding with reduced slope
The gangway the boat is equipped with does not allow disabled people in wheelchairs to access the boat. Gangway width: between 40 and 50 cm

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